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[This video is of our Bristol Crazy Climb to give you a taste of what we offer]

Families and Kids

You can book Crazy Climb sessions for anyone from age 5 and above. So they are great full family fun! But also we have a very good cafe and a spectacular viewing gallery so if you prefer to just watch then that’s fine too.

If your child is less than 8 years old then they may need to be accompanied by an adult in the arena. This adult can be a climbing participant or they can just come in to assist.


It’s not just for kids!

Adults are more than welcome to book onto Open Crazy Climb sessions but be aware that these sessions are popular with kids particularly on weekends and school holidays. If you are looking for a more adult friendly open session we would suggest weekday evenings or the last session of the day on weekends.

Alternatively if you have a group of 10 or more then you can book out a private session. We would normally run these on weekday evenings and give your group exclusive access. See the Adult Groups Page or Contact Us for more details.




How Long Is The Session?

When you book you will be allocate a 1.5hr slot. This includes the 30mins it takes to get the group harnessed up, briefed and ready for the session. They will then get 55 mins in the Crazyclimb arena followed by a quick de-kit and de-brief.

Is It Safe?

We use a “self-clipping” and a “self-belay” system in the Crazy Climb area. This means that participants are kept safe while they climb by an automatic machine that lowers them back to the ground once they get to the top, or when they fall off.

Climbers attach themselves to these machines using a self clipping method that ensures that they are attached properly before they can get onto the climb.

There will of course be fully trained, friendly instructors in the arena when the session is in progress to assist and make sure everyone is behaving themselves and staying safe.

If your child is less than 8 years old, you might be asked to accompany the child in the arena. The accompanying adult will be asked by an instructor to assist (alternatively they can join in and climb!)

Is It Fun?

It is GREAT fun! The challenges are unique and interactive. Some are easy, some are hard, some are a bit scary and some are interactive. From beanstalks to skyscrapers to jenga style towers and an octopus. It’s a super fun, confidence building activity for kids and adults alike.

How To Find Us

Crazy Climb Swansea is found in Parc Tawe just opposite Plantasia and in the same building as Flashpoint Swansea.